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Myths About Mitigation and Restoration

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

house repairman There are plenty of half-truths and misconceptions when it comes to property damage mitigation and restoration. Though some such myths might have been partially true in the past, times have changed in terms of technology, approach and training. Let’s take a look at the top myths.

An Immediate Cleaning is Unnecessary as a Fire-Damaged Home Will Always Smell of Smoke

The truth is that the failure to clean smoke residue in the immediate aftermath of an Atlanta home or business fire might result in some irreversible damage. A prompt cleaning is an absolute must to prevent such damage.

Replacing is Cheaper Than Restoring

In many instances, cleaning and salvaging the home’s structure and contents is more cost-efficient than replacing everything.

A DIY Approach is Always Cheaper Than Hiring a Professional Restoration Company

Though this is true in some instances, a faulty repair almost always proves more expensive in the long run.

Drying the Home Ends When Carpets Have Dried

Carpets dry faster than the home’s structure. The drying process is not complete until all structural items, ranging from the walls to the cement floors are completely dry. You won’t know if a total dry has occurred unless you let the professionals test your Atlanta home with specialized sensors.

Cleaning Carpets Causes Them to Become Dirty More Quickly

This might have been partially true in the past. However, modern cleaning techniques and materials do not leave a soap residue that pulls in dirt. The contemporary cleaning process makes use of an elaborate approach and special materials that keep carpets clean across the long haul.

Lean on Parker Young Construction for Fire Damage Restoration

Do not attempt to bounce back from an Atlanta home fire on your own. Ally with our fire damage restoration professionals and we will help bring your home back to life. Contact us at 1 (888) 303-9288 to learn more about our Atlanta disaster repair services.

What to Do If Your House Floods

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Umbrella with RainEven the calmest of flood waters have the power to wreak havoc on the inside of your home. Knowing how to quickly handle the aftermath of a flood can help you minimize the damage. Read on to learn how to proceed and when to call for disaster repair services in Ellijay.

Switch Off Main Water Valve, Power Breakers and Gas Supply

Turning off the water, power and gas supply to your home will help prevent complications arising from damage caused by the flood waters. Find the switches and valves for these items well ahead of time in preparation of making a hasty shut-off if your home ever floods. After this step, wait until the flood waters stop rising before proceeding.

Move Your Belongings

At this point, you can start moving your belongings out of the flooded area. Place them in a safe and clean area to dry out while you work on mopping up the flood water.

Pump Out Standing Water

You can either remove the water by hand or set up a sump pump to move the water outside of your living space. You must remove all traces of flood water before moving onto the next step, or your further efforts will not make a difference.

Restore Power and Set Up Fans

After removing all visible water from your home, you can promote the evaporation of the remainder by setting up fans throughout the area. If a carpeted space was flooded, pull back the carpet to let the pad dry first.

Feel Free to Call for Disaster Repair Services in Ellijay

If you need help eliminating flood waters in your home with Ellijay disaster repair services, call 1-888-303-9288 to talk to the experts at Parker Young Construction. We can assist you with the extraction of flood water and repair of the resulting damage.

What to Do When You First Notice a Leak

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Roof PlateSevere storms, hurricanes and tornados are a fact of life in the South, and damage to homes and businesses are the result. One of the most common things that disaster repair services in Macon, Georgia fix is a leaky roof.

Of course, you don’t need a disaster to cause roof leaks. Age and poor maintenance, as well as tree limbs falling on the roof can also cause leaks, and it’s not till it’s raining hard outside that they get noticed. By then of course it’s too late and you’ve got water pouring into your home’s interior and possibly causing a lot of costly damage.

Until help arrives, there are some things you can do to help minimize the damage.

Steps To Take When You First Notice A Leak

  • Find the wettest spot. Leaks don’t proceed directly from the roof into your home. What happens is the water pools up in the attic space until it finds the easiest place to escape, such as a light fixture or a heating register. It will often find several places. Find the spot in your ceiling where it looks the wettest and poke a hole there so you only have one leak to deal with, then catch the water in a bucket.
  • Find the entry point. From the inside, try to locate the source of the leak. Bear in mind that if you have plywood under your shingles, the water will migrate to the seam in the covering before entering the house.
  • Perform a temporary repair. Once you’ve identified the source, you can use roofing cement or roofing tape to cover the leak from the inside or the outside. Use a tarp on the roof if you can reach it.

A roof repair usually can’t be done immediately, but a quick response will prevent the most serious consequences from a leak.

When you need Macon disaster repair services, call us at 1 (888) 303-9288 for a fast and free estimate.

Steps you Should Take Immediately After a Flood

Monday, August 1st, 2016

If your living space has been flooded, do not panic. Though your possessions might be ruined, you are still alive and that’s what matters the most. Follow the advice outlined below to rebound from a flood in Atlanta, Georgia.

Turn off the Utilities

Once the authorities have given you permission to re-enter your living space it is time to get to work. Begin by turning off the utilities. Leaving them on will put you at risk as water mixed with electricity is a recipe for disaster.

Wear Protection

It is imperative that you don rigid shoes to guard your feet against threats in the water. Put on hip waders just in case the flood water has been contaminated. Be on the lookout for snakes and other animals. Only put your hands in areas with clear visibility.

Document the Damage

Take pictures of your living space and the insurance claim filing process will go much more smoothly. Take snapshots of the water and everything that has been damaged.

Protect Your Property

You can lower the odds of additional damage to your living space by securing it. Board the windows and entryways that can’t be locked. Place a tarp on the roof if it has been compromised.

Preserve as Much as You Can

Flooding often causes mold damage. It takes a mere day or two for mold to spread. Discard items that have been saturated for more than two days. Analyze each of your valuables to determine if it can be saved. In some instances, certain items like rugs and mattresses can be professionally cleaned by Atlanta disaster repair services.

Parker Young

If your home has endured a flood or other damage, reach out to Parker Young for assistance. Contact our office today and we’ll explain how we can help you get your home back in order following a flood and the onset of mold.

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