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Disaster Preparedness for Those with Disabilities

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

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Being prepared for an emergency is important for everyone, but especially for people with disabilities and the families who care for them.  Follow these guidelines to create a preparedness plan that keeps everyone in the family safe.

How to Prepare for Natural Disasters for Those with Disabilities

Build a preparedness kit. In addition to the usual items, include prescription medications and extra parts or batteries for necessary medical equipment. Include familiar, comforting items for children or adults who may be particularly upset about a change in routine.

Collect the names, addresses—including email addresses—phone numbers and social media contacts for friends, family members and health care providers you may need to call on in case of emergency. Make a hard copy of the list and place it in your preparedness kit. 

Know your neighbors. Make sure the people in closest physical proximity to you know you may need extra help in case of disaster. Have at least one person you can call on who is available to provide support quickly.

Know your limits and your strengths. Can you exit your home quickly or drive yourself to a shelter? Do you know how to turn off your utilities?  Discuss your list of needs with your support team.

Plan a safe space. If you’re caring for someone whose disability requires constant medical care, where would you go in case of evacuation? If you must shelter at home, is the safest place in your house accessible to all? Everyone should be able to reach shelter if a disaster occurs.

Plan to recover. Recovering from a disaster can be a long and stressful experience. Researching which disaster repair services in Macon provide the special services you may need, before you need them, will help life get back to normal as soon as possible.

Safety in an emergency is important for everyone, and every individual has their own unique set of capabilities to share during stressful times. Being honest about your needs and your skills should be a part of your plan. Call Parker Young today for more information about disaster preparedness and recovery! 

3 Common Questions About Flooding

Friday, August 25th, 2017

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The spontaneous nature of floods catches most people by surprise. As such, they struggle with taking the right measures to mitigate the hazard. For this reason, we encourage people to ask as many questions regarding flooding as possible. When poorly handled, floods can cause extensive structural damage and numerous health risks. Here are three common questions we get from home and business owners with regards to flooding and its damages.

What Should I Do When Experiencing a Flood?

The first step is to contact a damage restoration company. They are tasked to prevent further spread of the water and to pump the water out. The contractor sets out to assess damage and work on an action plan. This is in a bid to prevent further damage to property caused by the water. The next step is to call your insurance company to begin a claim process for the damage incurred. All the utilities such as electricity and water should be shut off. If the structure has endured too much damage, it is safer to stay out. If the flood water interferes with the sewage system, one needs to watch out for waterborne infections. In this situation, it is best to drink treated or well-boiled water.

How Much will Restoration Cost?

The cost of restoration and damage control goes hand in hand with insurance coverage. Each situation is different and unique, hence there is no exact estimate of the costs that will be incurred. Throughout the restoration process, the restoration contractor should communicate to keep track of expenses being incurred.

Am I Covered for This Damage by my Insurance?

Standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover floods. In most cases, though, homeowner’s insurance covers for water damage caused by a pipe burst or leakage. In instances of flooding, one requires a separate insurance specifically for floods.
It is important for both homeowners and business owners to be aware and prepared for instances with floods.

We are professionally equipped to handle disaster repair services in Atlanta. Call our offices today to see how we can help get your home back in order following a flood.

Why You Need Flood Insurance Now

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

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When Georgia residents have to pay out-of-pocket to use Atlanta disaster repair services after a flood, one of the most common comments is, “I should have had flood insurance.” If you don’t live near the ocean, giant lake or river, having flood insurance may seem unnecessary, but that’s far from the truth in today’s world. Flooding can happen anywhere, even if you are many miles from the nearest body of water. An inch or two of water can destroy a great deal of your home, from the drywall to the baseboards to the floor and beyond. Here are the top reasons to make sure you have flood insurance.

It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Flood insurance is usually a relatively inexpensive addition to your regular homeowner’s insurance. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your homeowner’s policy will cover floods—most don’t, so this extra flood insurance is very important.

It’s Useful Even if There Wasn’t a Disaster Declared

In some cases, you may experience flood damage in your home, but there wasn’t an official declaration of disaster. Flood insurance will still have you covered. There are many circumstances in which damage is significant but not quite widespread enough to be categorized as a disaster, and this is where your flood insurance helps.

Flood Insurance Covers Everything That Was Damaged

Flood insurance will cover not only the structure of the home itself, but also your personal possessions. If the water damages your furniture or other personal property, the flood insurance will cover repair or replacement of those items in addition to paying for the repair of the home.

Need Atlanta Disaster Repair Services? We’re Here to Help

Do you need disaster repair in Atlanta after a flood or another type of disaster? The Parker Young team is ready to help. Contact us anytime to learn more about our disaster repair services.

Myths About Mitigation and Restoration

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

house repairman There are plenty of half-truths and misconceptions when it comes to property damage mitigation and restoration. Though some such myths might have been partially true in the past, times have changed in terms of technology, approach and training. Let’s take a look at the top myths.

An Immediate Cleaning is Unnecessary as a Fire-Damaged Home Will Always Smell of Smoke

The truth is that the failure to clean smoke residue in the immediate aftermath of an Atlanta home or business fire might result in some irreversible damage. A prompt cleaning is an absolute must to prevent such damage.

Replacing is Cheaper Than Restoring

In many instances, cleaning and salvaging the home’s structure and contents is more cost-efficient than replacing everything.

A DIY Approach is Always Cheaper Than Hiring a Professional Restoration Company

Though this is true in some instances, a faulty repair almost always proves more expensive in the long run.

Drying the Home Ends When Carpets Have Dried

Carpets dry faster than the home’s structure. The drying process is not complete until all structural items, ranging from the walls to the cement floors are completely dry. You won’t know if a total dry has occurred unless you let the professionals test your Atlanta home with specialized sensors.

Cleaning Carpets Causes Them to Become Dirty More Quickly

This might have been partially true in the past. However, modern cleaning techniques and materials do not leave a soap residue that pulls in dirt. The contemporary cleaning process makes use of an elaborate approach and special materials that keep carpets clean across the long haul.

Lean on Parker Young Construction for Fire Damage Restoration

Do not attempt to bounce back from an Atlanta home fire on your own. Ally with our fire damage restoration professionals and we will help bring your home back to life. Contact us at 1 (888) 303-9288 to learn more about our Atlanta disaster repair services.

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